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Taking Care of Household Finances by Career Women

Curious about how to take care of career woman household finances?
Don't worry, you can also learn to manage finances and make significant changes in your finances with this career woman method.

Housewives vs Career Women
In ancient times, long before the movement for women's emancipation, generally married women would become housewives. His job is of course taking care of the house and family while the husband will work hard to earn money.

However, nowadays, economic conditions have worsened so that it is not uncommon to force both parties to work, even opening a side business. All that is done for the welfare of the family. Especially if you already have a baby, of course, it will be more difficult to manage finances because of the increasing need.

There is nothing wrong in my opinion, both being a housewife and a career woman. Both are done based on preference and need and done entirely for the sake of the family.

Career women are required to keep working while learning to divide their time between work and family. Meanwhile, housewives must understand many things so that the house is always comfortable to live in.

Which team do you belong to? Housewives team or career woman team?

Now, the question is, is there a difference between housewives and career women, especially in how to manage finances? There is! If you are curious, consider the following discussion

Differences in Managing Finances
Of course, a big difference appears in the habits of managing finances in housewives vs career women. For example, as follows:

  1. Manage money from husband for family needs
  2. Generally, there is no limit between the husband and wife's money
  3. Trying to save as much as possible
  4. Usually tighter in managing finances because of the limited income of the husband
Career woman
  1. Have your own income
  2. Generally make a boundary between a husband's money and wife's money
  3. Can save easily
  4. Usually more lax in managing finances
The Difference in Frugality
How are the savings habits of housewives vs career women? Let's see the difference below:

  1. Shop according to home and family needs
  2. Happy to get a promo or discount from a supermarket
  3. Usually tighter in making budgets
  4. Not easily influenced and rarely make impulsive purchases
  5. Ask every promo and try to save as much as possible
Career woman
  1. Shopping is also a personal need
  2. Happier if you get promos or discounts on fashion products or electronic devices and beauty products
  3. Usually more lax in making budgets
  4. Easily influenced and often make impulsive purchases
  5. Usually looser and less concerned with existing promos
Then what about when a career woman takes care of her household finances? Surely you are also curious, right? Let's look at some tips for managing household finances in the style of career women below.

Tips for Managing Career Women in Household Finances
As previously explained, of course, career women have different ways of managing their finances. This usually applies to household finances as well.
Even though it's different, you can learn and take some smart tips as outlined below:

Take notes

Without a рlаn, you will оnlу end uр соnfuѕеd. This is exactly what career women know. They are used to working and taking notes is an important thing in the workplace.

Similar to her work habits, career women usually like everything that is well planned. Thus they generally record all income and expenses. They want to know exactly where the money runs out each month.

Well, as a housewife you can also improve household finances in this way. You can find out which parts are costing you a lot of money and find ways to fix them.

It is important to always manage your cash flow balance properly, lest your income is not enough to meet your needs. In other words, the danger is that your cash flow is negative.

As a housewife who usually takes care of household needs, start managing cash flow and keeping complete records of income and expenses.

You will quickly find that a lot of waste can be minimized and that you can save a lot this way!

Managing time
Economic conditions worsened, forcing both parents to work, even opening a side business. All that is done for the welfare of his family. Especially if you already have a baby, of course, it will be increasingly difficult to divide the time to take care of the house while running a side business and office work. This happens a lot to career women, who also have to double as housewives.

Instead of taking care of finances, they even lack the time to get together with their family. Fortunately, many career women have managed to overcome it, so that family finances are still well managed.

Curious how?
The most important thing is to always make a schedule. Schedules are a great way to make time-based planning, as long as you stick to them. If you have trouble managing your time, try sitting down for a moment and counting how much time you have in a day. Then sort out the time and give it the right proportion according to the amount of your work.

With this time frame, it will be easier for you to know what to do in advance without missing a beat. In addition, you minimize the time it takes to determine priorities because the schedule clearly defines your priorities. But again, you are reminded to adhere to that schedule! Because it is useless to make a schedule if it is not followed properly.

Increase Savings for Children's Education Fund
In today's economic conditions, it is important for prospective parents to plan the educational needs of their children so that they do not have difficulties later. What's more, now the cost of education is getting more expensive, so many are applying for debt just to pay for it. Do not believe it?

Each loan certainly has its own terms and conditions, starting from interest rates, payment flexibility, late penalties, and so on. And that just means you owe me! Instead of going into debt, why not prepare an education fund from an early age? You can achieve it in 2 words, namely "Financial Planning". Consult your financial plan for a better educational future for your financial consultant.

Planning the Old Age Fund
Because they have to work, usually career women know what their retirement options are. Thus, they usually start planning their old age fund from now on.

Profitable Pension Fund Investments, and More
If you are still unsure about some of the programs above, you can also add your pension plan to a pension fund from investment results. Choose a financial institution that provides high benefits for retirement to ensure a prosperous and happy retirement. Then take advantage of these various programs as much as possible so that your retirement is guaranteed.

Family Risk Management (Insurance)
Career women usually have started thinking about protective measures for their families. This is because they usually get risk insurance from their office, for example, health insurance.

So, you have to start thinking about the importance of these protective measures, for example by buying life insurance. If you are the head of a family who has dependents, aka having children, life insurance is non-negotiable. Try to imagine if one day you leave your family forever without having life insurance. Who will support your family and help with family finances?

Surely you don't want to burden your family if something unexpected happens, right? Life insurance gives you peace of mind if at any time this happens.

Preparing for inheritance
One tip is to invest in the types of products that provide long-term benefits. In addition, don't forget to always update the appointed heirs. Don't let all of your assets and investments just float away. Also, consider a fair distribution of inheritance so that unwanted things do not happen after you die. This can minimize problems and inheritance claims.

Prepare an Emergency Fund
Imagine if as a career woman, the company where you worked suddenly reduced the number of employees and one of them got laid off?

What happens when you work, then get an accident that makes you unable to work anymore and meet life and family needs?

How do you cover the costs of daily living needs until you get a new job? Do you have to sell your hard-earned homes and cars?

This is where we need an emergency fund! Career women know the importance of this emergency fund.

The emergency fund is an amount of money that you allocate and use when unexpected things happen or an emergency occurs.
These funds must be separated from day-to-day accounts, investment instruments, or short-term savings for the purpose of meeting short-term financial goals.

In other words, the funds must be liquid and can be disbursed when needed. The ideal amount of emergency funds or emergency funds is:
  1. 3 times monthly expenses for someone who is single (single).
  2. 6 times monthly expenses for young couples (without children).
  3. 12 monthly expenses for families with children.
However, the amount of this emergency fund needs to be increased if you feel the amount of your monthly expenses. Thus, the better the emergency fund arrangements you have, the clearer you are that you are good at managing finances.

Practice Now!
How? In fact, there are many tips for managing household finances in the style of a career woman that you can practice right?

Try to apply the tips above right now and prove that you can also take care of finances even though you are busy working.

If you are successful in managing finances and feel the positive impact, share this article with your friends who are also struggling with finances.