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How to Update Expired WhatsApp Without Play Store

The WhatsApp application cannot be opened on your Android and iPhone cellphone, usually, the main problem is in the application update system that is not running or not updating. Because we need to update it first, you can see how to update the expired WhatsApp in this post.

The WhatsApp application that is no longer up to date has indeed caused a lot of problems, one of which is that the app program cannot follow or support the default central service system. As a result WhatsApp error and unable to send chat and video calls.

Well, to fix WhatsApp that can't be opened on the Android and iPhone cellphones. You can solve this by updating WhatsApp via several methods such as reinstalling the WhatsApp application which allows you to without updating on the Google Play Store.

In addition, you can also update WhatsApp with the latest WA application updates on the Google Play Store, this method is also considered better because it allows us to keep updating the WA app without eliminating chat or other histories.

However, before moving on to the tutorial on updating the WhatsApp application, we will first review what causes the WhatsApp application cannot be opened on our cellphones.

Causes of WhatsApp Expiration

One of the main problems with WhatsApp expiring is not getting access to updates to the main WA service server. Usually, this is due to HP's default system settings that don't allow applications to auto-update.

The WhatsApp application is expired or obsolete which causes the WA application to not run on our Android cellphone.
You already know that the reason WA expires is because of blocked system update access. Well, to fix this, here's an easy guide to update WhatsApp to the latest version to optimize the performance of the chat Apk.

There are several ways to update the WhatsApp application that you can try below, you can follow them according to the wishes and needs of your Android cellphone system.

Updating Expired WhatsApp Without Update
You can still update the expired WhatsApp application without updating it on the Google Play Store as usual. As for how to update the latest WhatsApp without updating, you can follow the method below.

1. Steps to update WA App without updating
  1. Open your favorite browser, either through Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
  2. After that, you download the WhatsApp application via the official page at
  3. Arriving at the WA download page, please look for the WA app based on the device you are using. Whether using a computer or desktop version, in addition to the mobile version, there are three types, namely Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone.
  4. Finish determining the type of device you are using, then you will be taken to the WhatsApp application download page. You can immediately press the DOWNLOAD NOW button.
Usually, on this page, the minimum WA app specifications are also displayed, please adjust it with your smartphone.

Besides being able to update regular WhatsApp, you can also update WhatsApp mods such as Fm WhatsApp, Yo WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp Aero, and WhatsApp Plus. It's easier to update without having to log in to the Google Play Store Android first.

2. Updating WhatsApp Without Losing Chat
Well, these are tips that you can use to keep being able to update the WhatsApp application without losing chat history data or messages.
Actually, the method is more or less the same as usual, we only need to back up our data or chat history to another storage place.
You can do this by connecting it to an email address which you can later use to access and reopen the WhatsApp chat history

You can usually do this in the settings section of your WhatsApp application. If you have, please update the WhatsApp application as usual on the Google Play Store.

Steps to Update WhatsApp on Google Play Store
  1. The smartphone is still alive, please open the Google Play Store application on the Android cellphone.
  2. Next, on the home or main page, you open the panel located at the top left of the Play Store homepage.
  3. Usually, you can find various menus such as settings, notifications, and others. Please select it on the My Applications & Games menu.
  4. After that, a tab will usually open in the form of a row of applications and games that you have installed on the Play Store.
  5. In that section, you just go to the Updates tab.
  6. On the Updates tab you can also start looking for the WhatsApp Messenger application, after that you press the Update button right to the right of the application.
After that, you wait for a few minutes until the WA app finishes downloading all the data it needs.
How to update the WhatsApp application using this method allows us to upgrade the WhatsApp application from the old version to the latest version without the need to re-download the app.

In addition, this method can also fix the WhatsApp application that cannot be opened or crashes without the need to reinstall the WhatsApp application.

Update WhatsApp Automatically
You can now update the WhatsApp application automatically, through this simple setting, allowing Android cellphone users to no longer bother having to update applications one by one. You can update the WhatsApp application that has expired automatically via the settings below.

Steps to Update the WhatsApp Application Automatically

  1. Just like the usual WA update, you first open the Google Play Store app.
  2. After that, you tap the top panel on the left of the Play Store homepage, usually in the form of 3 parallel horizontal lines.
  3. Then you enter the Settings menu or Settings to open advanced settings.
  4. On the Settings menu, you just tap on the Automatically Update Application section.
  5. Well, in that part, you can also choose to update the Android app via a cellular data network or wifi.
  6. If you want to update the WhatsApp application automatically, just select the option Via Any Network.
  7. After that, you press the Done button to save the settings.
A few tips for automatic application updates through the Play Store, especially for those of you who want to save daily internet data quota.

Please select Via Wi-Fi Only in the Automatically Update Application section. This option allows you to still be able to perform automatic updates when you are connected to a Wi-Fi network only, besides that the app update cannot run.

Other tutorials on how to deal with WhatsApp notifications that don't appear on Android phones and iPhones are guaranteed to sound back.

You can follow this tutorial on updating the WhatsApp application for all Android cellphone brands such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Vivo, Realme, Oppo, Advan, and others.

How to update the expired WhatsApp application without updating and through the Google Play Store, hopefully, it can help you stay connected to friends via chat or video calls.