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How to Turn Face Photos to Anime

Now it seems to be a habit that is considered commonplace if we often take pictures of anything and capture it on our mobile phone or upload it to social media. Most of those who are very hobbyists consider photographing to be very fun but they certainly can't escape the so-called editing. Editing is also no less fun than shooting.

Generally, if we are not satisfied with the portrait, surely we take a lot of time to do the editing process to make our photos look perfect and good to see before entering social media. However, photo editing can also be less maximal if the resulting photo is also not good. So make sure you shoot properly and always pay attention to good composition and lighting.

Photos are now one of the mainstays on various social media sites. This is accompanied by increasing technological advances, making it as if many people are busy producing interesting photos to display on social media.

What is Anime?
There's a lot we can do to make our photos interesting. Let's say you turn it into anime. It seems that everyone already knows that anime is one of the animations from Japan that is quite popular among people all over the world.

Well, it also inspires many people to create faces or edit photos like anime. Thanks to advances in technology and also the help of developers we can make the face into anime very easily. Can't believe it? let's take a look at the following reviews:

How to Turn Face Photos Into Anime Easily
  1. First, you have to download an app called Sasswars (
  2. Secondly, when finished installing directly open sasswars application then tap the red box on the pop up that appears then tap again icon plus.
  3. Third, tap the Allow menu to allow apps to access files on your device. Tap the kanji on the left.
  4. Fourth, select the folder where the photos you will edit. Then tap again on the red box that appears.
  5. Fifth, select one of the photos from the gallery then tap the red box in the lower right corner. You'll be pointed to the editing menu later. Tap on the editing thumbnail, scroll through the menu at the bottom to find the star icon.
  6. Sixth, tap the star icon and wait for the process for a while. If you've successfully changed directly tap the red box in the top right corner.
  7. Seventh, adjust the video quality by sliding the menu slider. Then tap the red box below it. The result will be a video and to get your picture just a screenshot of the screen.
Finished. So how to convert face photos into anime easily, for all anime lovers this app is perfect for photos you can resemble anime characters.