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How to Show Video / Movie Subtitles on Android?

What's the use of subtitles or SRT? how important? okay, I help answer. Subtitles are text that serves to clarify conversations in films or as a translator of foreign languages ​​into other languages. It feels incomplete if you watch a foreign film, how come there are no subtitles hehe. With this subtitle, we also understand the storyline better. But can subtitles be installed on an Android cellphone? the answer is yes.

By default, the cellphone does not provide subtitle or SRT facilities, but you don't need to worry because there are currently lots of third-party free subtitle applications on the Google Play Store. Just like Youtube, which currently has implemented subtitle facilities in the video.

This proves that Google is serious about dealing with the problem of subtitles in its digital products, of course, Google wants to spoil its consumers. It is possible that in the future Android devices may be equipped with a subtitle feature for videos or movies.

So below, I will share a little of my knowledge about how to display subtitles in movies on an Android phone? consider the following reviews.

Just a little information that I want to teach is using the MX player application. This is a multifunctional application in my opinion because this application can play almost all video formats and can display subtitles.

How to display video subtitles on Android Mobile?
  1. The first thing you have to do is download the MX Player app on the Google Play Store. Because this is a third-party application, it is not a default mobile application
  2. After downloading install the application. Follow the steps until it's finished.
  3. Then run and select a video or film that you previously saved on the memory of your Android cellphone. After finding it immediately click and open the video.
  4. When the video is playing, immediately select the menu and click the subtitles
  5. Find and select the subtitles according to the video or movie you are watching.
  6. When this is the case, the MX Player application will automatically display subtitles according to the video or movie you are watching. Enjoy watching, friends.
It should be noted that usually, the MX Player application will automatically display subtitles if the SRT file has been found by the application system. But if it doesn't appear automatically, then friends can try the tips that I have described above.

That's how to display video subtitles on Android Mobile. Enjoy watching and hope it is useful.