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How to Overcome Printer Error 5100

At this time all things can be done easily and very different from the old days, for now alone doing something can be done easily and quickly. As in the world of printing which is of course very much needed by all circles. In order to print data onto sheets of paper, you need a printer. With that, when a printer error 5100 is of course many people who will find out how to solve it.

Lately, many people have their own printers at home, even there are many types of printers that can be purchased at affordable prices.

1. Problems That Often Occur In The Printer

Because this printer is also man-made, of course there are still some errors that often occur in a printer and one of them is the appearance of the 5100 error notification.

For some people, of course, the appearance of this 5100 error notification will be very unsettling because it cannot be used to pause. Other problems include the following:

  • When the printer is in a normal state but cannot be used for printing.
  • The power and resume lights will blink.
  • Then a printer error notification 5100 will appear on the monitor.
  • However, take it easy, there are many ways to solve the problem with the printer.
2. Easy Steps to Overcome Printer Error 5100
Well, here are four ways you can do when you find your printer showing error 5100 notifications:

The occurrence of movement of the cartridge house which is interrupted by the infusion hose

For the first step you have to do is to confirm in advance the condition of the printer. Then the printer should be opened and see if the movement of the hose is normal or not. When there is abnormal movement of the hose, you have to reset it so that the infusion tube can move normally and does not interfere with the printer's work.

Cleaning Dirty Chip Cartridges

For the second step you can turn off the printer first and then open the cartridge cover. After that you have to remove the cartridge and make sure the brass is in the cartridge. When there are parts that are rusty or dirty, you have to clean them using mineral water or alcohol.

There are foreign objects that enter

You can also look inside the printer to see if any foreign objects have entered. When you open the printer case, make sure you remove the infusion hose first to find out more details about the conditions inside the printer. If there is indeed a foreign object that enters, clean it immediately because it can interfere with printing on the printer.

Take it to Printer Service

This one method is the last step when the three methods above cannot make the printer condition better. By taking it to the printer service, there are several components that will be repaired and you will find out what components are making the printer experience problems.

3. Easy Tricks to Overcome Printer Error 5100

For those of you who have a printer with the Canon brand and then experience an error of 5100, then you can follow the steps below without the need to use Canon resetter software.
  1. For the first step you have to turn off the printer first.
  2. After that the two cartridges must be removed from the printer.
  3. Then, to be able to clean the surface of the cartridge terminal connector you have to use a cloth that has been previously dampened with alcohol.
  4. Then you can replace the two three cartridges that were previously removed.
  5. However, when the printer uses the drip system, you have to check the line of the drip tube used to supply the ink to the cartridge. Make sure the conditions are not messy so that the running process of the cartridge is not hampered.
  6. You have to check the place where the cartridge stops and check whether there is paper waste or dirt and clean it.
  7. After that you can turn the printer back on and test whether the figure is successful in overcoming the 5100 error.
  8. When you test the printer, but when printing the printer it makes a loud sound, then you have to go to the printer service. because this will minimize the risk of other parts of the printer being damaged.
Well, that's a glimpse of the information given to you about how to deal with printer error 5100. Problems with this printer often occur in printers of any brand, so you don't need to worry and can take the steps above to solve it. Hopefully the explanation above can provide you with the knowledge to solve printer problems in an easy way.