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How to Overcome Cell Phones Cannot Receive Calls

Handphone can not accept incoming and outgoing calls on Android is not a new problem. However, because of this communication with relatives so disturbed especially to convey important news that must surely be over the phone.

Many factors cause hp to be unable to receive incoming calls, one of which is due to an Android mobile phone system bug or from the mobile carrier card used.

In addition, sometimes hp can not receive phone calls also due to our ignorance in setting up the Android device.

Well, for more details you can read what causes android phones can not receive calls. Here's the review.

Why Hp Can't Take Calls
Some factors you should pay attention to when experiencing hp issues that you can't reach.

Weak Signal
Maybe we've experienced something like this a lot, especially when we're in a mountainous area. Weak signals even missing are a natural thing to happen.

Signal Interference
Although rare many of us have experienced it, mobile phones cannot receive incoming calls from others even if we are in the city. Usually due to maintenance or periodic maintenance, such as tissue tower repair or other.

Incorrect Settings
Never tinker with the default system of mobile calls, if ever usually the problem of hp can not be called because of this trivial problem.

System Bugs
Failed incoming calls may also be caused by a bug in your Android phone's software system. This bug can affect the performance of other system functions such as phone functions.

So now we know why cell phones can't take incoming and outgoing calls.

As for fixing a cell phone that can't receive calls either in or out more you can read it below.

How to Solve Hp Can't Take Calls
This tutorial can be used for all android phone brands such as Samsung, Asus, Oppo, Realme, Vivo, Lenovo, Huawei, Advan, Xiaomi, and others.

The rest of this guide does specifically address the issue of regular phone call menus on mobile phones, not video calls or voice calls on WhatsApp which is a chat app.

Steps to Fix Android Phones Can't Accept Incoming and Outgoing Calls
1. Check Mobile Signal
The problem of incoming calls in Hp is usually caused because the quality of the network signal in the area is very poor. As a result the unstable ups and downs signal even sometimes disappears, automatically the phone call will end. Well, if you happen to be having problems like this there are some tips you can do.
  1. Find a spacious location or free of buildings and trees. Usually, a place like this has a strong signal quality.
  2. Alternatively, you can look for a high place to amplify your Android phone's network signal.
  3. The last option you can use is a suitable sim card in that place, usually different areas of taste.
A good cell phone signal is at least half the number of bars of that signal. Because if it's just one or two bars, most are limper and often disappear.

2. Clear phone cache
The cache or usage history of the phone app turns out to be quite helpful for example in the Google Chrome browser so there is no need to reload and download data as it does when accessing new pages. Unfortunately, if the browser cache is too much it will only make the browser's performance decrease or sluggish.

Well, that also applies to phone apps, unfortunately, if too much cache or junk files are piled up sometimes it causes crashes or bugs. The application so does not respond because the cache fills the internal storage space of the phone.

3. Turn on Phone Notifications
It could be that Android phones can't accept incoming calls just because phone notifications aren't active. This phone notification is very useful to let you know if there is an incoming call, otherwise, you turn it on will certainly be very detrimental. As for how to turn on phone notifications you can follow below.
  1. Open your Android phone and tap on the Settings menu.
  2. Then you're log in to the Apps section and select Phone.
  3. Well, in this Notifications section you turn on everything from incoming calls and more.
Turning on notifications or notifications at least makes it easier to know if a phone is coming in.

4. Block-Free Number
It's rare, but if you've ever blocked a certain number on your Android phone. It's possible that your Android phone failed to receive incoming calls because the number was already on the block list.
  1. Turn on your Android phone and open the Dial Pad menu.
  2. You go to Menu at the top right and select Settings.
  3. In that section there is a Blocked Number option, you just have to delete the number.
Only advice should be before blocking the mobile number it is good to ask in advance about the identity of the number.

5. Switch to Airplane Mode
Airplane mode may be familiar, we usually use it when we are on an airplane or a place of worship. Well, this time we will use it to refresh or refresh your mobile SIM card network. Well, to open a blocked number you can follow the guidelines below.
You can follow the steps as follows.
  1. Turn on your Android phone.
  2. Then you open the Status Bar Panel menu which is usually at the top.
  3. You are looking for Airplane Mode then tap or activate it.
  4. After that you just wait a moment, then you deactivate the Airplane Mode again.
  5. Repeat several times for the best results.
A simple method but quite effective in dealing with the problem of a cellphone that cannot receive incoming calls.

6. Restart Handphone
This option is usually very effective in practice and there are many system bug problems that are resolved by simply restarting the Android phone. Usually, due to a system bug, the phone functions are interrupted, and as we all know that this phone application can work in the background. This indicates that if at any time there is a bug it is possible that the phone function could be interrupted. Now, by restarting your Android phone you can at least overcome the temporary bugs that often appear.
  1. Press and hold the Power button.
  2. Then you select Restart (Restart).
  3. Wait a few moments until we are brought to the home screen.
7. Hard Reset Mobile
The last solution to the problem of not getting calls on your Android phone, use this option if you have used all the alternatives above.
Stubborn system bugs that cause some application functions to crash.
Please follow the steps below.
  1. Open the Settings menu or Settings on the Android phone.
  2. After that, you select Backup and Reset, in this section don't forget to check the Backup Data section to save your important files.
  3. Then you select Factory Data Reset then Reset Device.
You can be sure that after doing this the problem of the cellphone not being able to receive calls will end. Apart from that, all damage to Android phones does not only occur to phones or calls (Dial-Up) but sometimes errors also reach the SMS short message menu. Of course, this needs its own repair method.

The tutorial on how to deal with cellphones unable to receive incoming and outgoing calls above hopefully can fix your Android cellphone system that has been an error.