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How to Make Music Lyrics Video with Personal Pictures

Now, there are many countries where the population is very happy to linger on social media, whether it's in smartphones or PCs. The development of social media and cyberspace is now quite fast. How not, technology and the internet today are very easy to reach even to the corners. Coupled with the presence of smartphones–cheap smartphones that make penetration in the field of smartphones world up to 43 percent.

As a result, social media has become a trend and lifestyle of people. We see together today many users who turn into online businesspeople. As is the case in trading, many do the sales or marketing of the businesses they follow by spreading videos on social media to attract consumers. Not only that, but the presence of YouTube also makes streaming a must-do activity.

Make a Lyric Video
Well, speaking of videos, recently it was booming and widely circulated on social media music videos coupled with lyrical text. Actually with the advancement of technology a video can be made very easily through a smartphone only.

It's the same with making lyric videos. Here's a complete way to create a lyric video with a background from a private photo.

How to Make a Music Lyrics Video with Personal Pictures

  1. For the first time, you must first have the Resso application. Please install Resso app on your smartphone first.
  2. Next open the Resso app and sign in using your Facebook account or you can also sign in using your email account (Gmail). If you've tapped the search icon at the bottom to find the song you want to use.
  3. Type in the search field of the song you want to search for if you have met tap the share icon or share to go to the next step.
  4. Jump tap Change Lyric Quote, then slide the slider to adjust the lyrics accordingly.
  5. Tap the Backgroundmenu, you can choose the background that has been provided or can replace it with a private photo with the Upload menu and select a photo from your smartphone gallery. Tap the Lyrics effects menu to change the shape of the text that appears. If you think it's right all tap the finished menu at the top.
  6. Finally, tap the Download menu to save the result to your smartphone gallery or can also by tap the social media menu to directly share with the social media you have.
Such is the way to create lyric videos with personal photos on smartphones especially android. Hopefully useful.