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How to Install Chatango Responsive Chat Box on Bloggers

Chatango is a social media networking site that provides online chat features and can be done on personal or community sites. With Chatango, it can make it easier for a community to communicate with each other in one group chat. In addition, Chatango can also be posted on a personal website.

Generally, who put up Chat Box Chatango is a website that discusses anime or community websites. However, it is not uncommon also with personal/personal websites.

Actually, many other platforms to create a Chat Box, but Chatango has its own advantages, such as; It has a Good Look and also Has Moderation Features that can prevent spam from visitors.

Well, for those of you who want to install Chatango's Chat Box on the website, but don't know how to take it easy! Here the author will give his tutorial, written in one article titled How to Easily Install Chatango Responsive Chat Box on Blogger. If you're interested, you can check out the following tutorial.

How to Install Chatango Chat Box Widget on Blogger
  1. First, please go to Chatango's official website (
  2. Secondly, after opening the website, please select Get Started.
  3. On the next page, select and adjust the basic color of the Chat Box to suit your taste. If you have already, click the Chat Box to do the next process.
  4. Continued on the fourth way, please customize the design of the Chat Box, you can customize it according to taste, or follow as below. To get responsive results, please select the size to Be Responsive at point number Three.
  5. If you've set the look and design, you select Create Group.
  6. Next, a Pop Up will appear, and please log in or Create a New Chatango Account.
  7. If you have successfully logged in or signed up for an account, you will get a Script to pair on the web. Please Copy and Paste the code in Notepad.
  8. Please login to the Blogger account.
  9. Select the Layout menu – Add GadgetHTML/JavaScript.
  10. Enter the Script Code that you have saved in Notepad. Eiitss, wait a minute, before entering the code, first remove the word "async" in the code. More or less the end result will be like this.
  11. Done
So many tutorials on How to Install Chatango Responsive Chat Box on Bloggers, that the author has shared for you. May be useful.