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Business opportunities: How to Earn in the New Normal Period

Business opportunities post corona pandemic that has the potential for big profits. The arrival of the coronavirus outbreak makes things turn into a complicated situation in the business world. Many businesses are closed and even rolled out.

But behind these complicated circumstances, many ideas and materials appear to be businesses. Looking at the current state of society, their needs are focused on health and food.

New Normal Business
Here are the categories of businesses or materials whose fans or consumers are increasing rapidly in the new normal period.

1. Mask

Masks are not just a fashion but a prayer of one protective tool that everyone needs right now. In some areas, people are required to wear masks when out of the house so masks are one of the materials that can be used as a business with a big profit.

2. Hand Sanitizer
Hand sanitizer is a hand sanitizer in the form of a gel that functions to get rid of germs. This material is really needed because it is practical and easy to carry everywhere. People prefer to use hand sanitizers instead of looking for water and wash their hands with soap.

3. Bicycle Workshop and Accessories
Users of new normal bikes are increasing in Indonesia. In addition to playing the bike is currently a sports tool. Thus opening workshops and selling bicycle accessories became a profitable business.

4. Honey
Honey is an ingredient that has many benefits both for food health and beauty. No need to consider if you want to do honey business because of its many fans. Before, during and after the pandemic honey still had high interest.

5. Roving Vegetables
The existence of restrictions on going out of the house and the public's vigilance for interacting with the crowd is an opportunity for us to become pick-up ball traders by selling around. Many people live at home and are not in the market to buy kitchen ingredients and that is a good target consumer.

6. Frozen Food
Frozen food is a half-baked or ready-to-eat frozen food. The fans are in many different circles. Because of its ready-to-eat nature, so many choose frozen food as a travel supply, supplies for school children, and to eat at home.

7. Credit
Credit such as basic needs especially when staying at home needs more internet quota. Credit is a small business with a big profit because the consumers are many. Today everyone needs internet quota for entertainment and to work a lot of credit.

8. Food

Under no circumstances is it a business that never goes away because everyone needs to eat. Even in deteriorating economic conditions, it will still be sought. Consumers never diminish even more and more days.

9. Health Products
People today are more concerned with health so that the needs of health products are needed in various regions in an effort to anticipate disease. The products needed are simple products such as headache medications, stomach pain medications, and so on.

10. Dropship
The limitations of going out of the house and interaction with the crowds do not limit the business because now the method of buying and selling can be done online. You can be one of the people involved with online buying and selling a business by becoming a Dropshipper. There is no need to take out a lot of capital simply by playing hp and promoting products from suppliers.

Those are some of the business opportunities with consumers that are greatly improved in the new normal period. Hopefully, it can help.