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How to Create a New Facebook Quickly

Facebook is one of the loved on social media. Well, actually there is a way to quickly create a new Facebook, you know. I wonder how?

Facebook has many facilities to make it easier for its users. How to make Facebook can also be done via a computer or cellphone, depending on the user's comfort.

Here's how to quickly register for Facebook, summarized by

How to make Facebook first by opening a page at the address Then, the screen will show welcome to Facebook with the options to enter and register.

Choose to register and fill in the required data completely, for example first name, last name, mobile number, to date of birth.

Click register. Then, to complete how to create Facebook , the user must confirm via email or mobile number.

To confirm via mobile number, the user must enter the code received via SMS. While an email confirmation will be given via the inbox by clicking the link.

After successfully confirming their email or mobile number, users can enjoy their Facebook account for free. The next step in how to create Facebook is to find and add friends.

Click the search section at the top of the Facebook page, then type in your friend's name and search. To add friends, click 'Add as friend' next to their profile photo.

Well, good luck with how to make Facebook !