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How to Check Broken Links on The Website

Broken link or broken link is a link or link of a website that if opened it will display a not found message or the page is not found. According to some sources, broken links on a website will affect the SEO score of the website. Of course, it should be considered.

It could be that your website that used to be a lot of visitors suddenly decreased could be due to broken links. Therefore you have to fix that. To find broken links on a blog or website you do not need to look for them one by one, can use the website, here we discuss How to check broken links on the website. This way you can try it on the WordPress website or blogger.

1. First, open your browser on your computer or laptop and access the website

2. Next, in the Enter your URL below section, enter your blog address, for example,, next press the Find broken links button.

How to check for broken links on the website

3. Then enter the Security code according to the image provided in the field provided, here you will be provided 2 options, namely Report distinct broken links only and Report all оссurrеnсеѕ of each dead lіnk (mау be ѕlоwеr). I recommend selecting the 2nd option namely Report all occurrences of each dead link (may be slower) because later reports and causes of broken links will be notified in full. If you click the Find Broken Links now button!

How to check for broken links on the website

4. Wait a while, until the process is complete. When you're done, you'll see all the broken links on your website.

How to check for broken links on the website

5. Here is an explanation of the broken link results:

How to check for broken links on the website
  1. Broken Link: will display all broken links on your website.
  2. A page where found: press the URL to find out which page the broken link is on or press src to find out the specific line broken link is in the program code on your website.
  3. Response server: the type of server response from the broken link, e.g. 404 means the page is not found and so on.
6. Furthermore, if you already know the location of the broken link on your website, please find and delete or replace it.

That's how to check and resolve broken links in bloggers. As previously explained that broken links affect SEO, then you should do this periodically at least once every 3 months. Good luck.