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How to Add Multiple Photos in Instagram Story

Who doesn't know Instagram right now? Instagram looks increasingly popular and is almost used by everyone in different parts of the world. As we know together initially social media that is still one roof with Facebook is only used for them – those who really like to take pictures.

Especially for those of you who like to travel and tell stories will certainly be very happy to use Instagram to show off photos. Not to mention added story features that add to the spirit to create or upload new content every day.

Stories Instagram
Since the story feature was first launched in 2017, Instagram Story or commonly called IG Stories has become a widely used or arguably most popular feature. Even over time this Instagram Story feature is not only used for photo upload purposes but many users who use Story as information and also promotion.

The charm of Instagram does not seem to fade, not to mention in the era of smartphone development, Instagram seems to be soaring. To this day there are approximately 300 million people from all over the world who watch Instagram Story every day out of a total of about 500 million Instagram active users. Pretty fantastic value isn't it? Hence the many tricks of the Instagram story to create creative story content. One of them sent a lot of pictures or photos to Instastory.

Yes, for those who often use Instagram Story of course know we will have trouble adding many photos directly to the story. Then now to let's take a look together – the following steps are the same.

How to Add Multiple Photos in Instagram Story
  1. First, download and install the Swiftkey Keyboard ( app from Microsoft.
  2. Open the SwiftKey Keyboard app that has been installed on your smartphone and select activate. Next, tap Swiftkey Keyboard and then pop up and then select Swiftkey keyboard again.
  3. Open the Instagram application on your smartphone and create a Story, as usual, then tap the Aa icon to bring up the keyboard or add text.
  4. After the keyboard appears tap the Smiley icon at the bottom then tap the pin icon and tap the small camera icon.
  5. Give the app access permission and select the image you want to add if you have all the tap icons like paper planes.
  6. Done
Currently, the Instagram story, especially Android, can copy and paste more than one image, which was originally only one photo in one story, now you can add directly to the story without needing to edit it on the photo grid first. This feature is already present in iPhone iOS users.