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8 Reasons Why You Should Have a Credit Card

Do you have a credit card? Or are you confused about whether to make it or not? Credit cards are indeed items that are quite needed for everyday life today. Almost all transaction activities in our life can be done easily if we have a credit card. If we want to transact and make a profit, credit cards are the answer. But the discussion about whether to have a credit card or not always consists of pros and cons.

Behind every bad opinion and impression about credit cards, actually, credit cards provide many advantages. This is the reason why you must have a credit card.

Facilitate Transactions

When we have to make transactions but we don't hold cash, credit cards are ready to help us. Credit cards help us to shop without hassle. No more carrying cash or taking money at an ATM before going shopping. We just need to remember our signature or pin number. Shopping just got easier.

Only with this one card, we can do anything. We can shop, even pay our monthly bills on a regular basis, so the risk of being late paying can be minimized. In addition, credit cards collect and record every transaction we make and put it on a single bill so there is no need to have trouble calculating our monthly transactions. So you don't need to be confused anymore about where your money flows, because everything has been recorded on our credit card.

Provides Security
Everyone definitely does not want to experience losing money. Apart from being annoying, losing money will of course also harm us, therefore, it is very important to ensure our money is always safe. But with credit cards, we no longer need to be afraid of losing money, because as explained in the first point, with credit cards we no longer need to carry cash. So, we don't need to feel anxious when walking or in a crowd. Just need to keep this one card and all our money safe on it. Keeping one card is easier than keeping multiple bills.


With a credit card, we can make transactions at any time. If you are walking in the mall and see a massive discount that only applies in a fast time but we have no money in our wallets, a credit card is the only solution. We can immediately buy these items without needing to think about how, because credit cards have provided all the solutions. You can get the items you want quickly and easily.

Help Save
Having a credit card can help you save money. Credit cards often collaborate with shopping places, restaurants, hotels, and many other things. The promotions they do are often very beneficial for consumers. If we have a credit card, we can enjoy all the things they offer, including promotions and discounts that are sure to make us happy.

Protect During an Emergency
Disasters can happen at any time, but we don't always have enough cash to deal with these calamities. If we have a credit card, don't be afraid, because money is always there. Credit cards give us the assurance that we will always be protected under any circumstances.

Transactions All Over The World
Countries in the world have a majority of different currencies, so we must first have the country's local currency. But what happens if we don't have time to exchange our money into local money in that country? This kind of thing is what makes a credit card so necessary. A credit card is a universal means of payment that is applicable throughout the world. Wherever we are, transactions will always be easy.

Provide Installment Services

We can immediately buy your dream item or vacation ticket using a credit card. Even though we don't have the money to pay it in full, credit cards provide an installment facility so that we can pay it within the specified time. There is no need to bother saving anymore before we can finally get what we want.

So, that's the advantage provided if you have a credit card. There are many benefits that we get if we have a credit card? Still, confused about whether to have it or not? You can get all of these benefits if you have a credit card. Think carefully about all the benefits you can get if you have a credit card and immediately have a credit card that suits you!