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6 Ways to Check Illegal Or Not Handphone

The PS Store case opens the eyes to how vulnerable consumers are being exposed to illegal cellphones . There are ways to check illegal cellphones or not, when you want to buy them.

Gadget observer Lucky Sebastian also commented on the case that dragged PS Store owner Putra Siregar . Lucky said that consumers must educate themselves so they can avoid buying illegal cellphones.

Here are 5 ways to check illegal cellphones or not:

1. Do not be fooled by packaging, everything can be faked
First of all, don't be immediately blown away by the packaging. The cellphone box with all its intricacies can be faked. Ordinary people find it difficult to distinguish.

For the layman, it is difficult to see the physical characteristics, because from boxes to plastic can be faked, said Lucky, Wednesday (29/7/2020).

2. Check the IMEI number
According to Lucky, the easiest way to detect illegal cellphones is to check the IMEI number. On the back of the box there must be an IMEI number, even if it's a second cellphone or even if the warranty period has expired.

Keep trying to type * # 06 #, the number appears. Match the one on the box, said Lucky.

To be sure, also match the back of the cellphone. Usually the IMEI number is listed there too.

3. Check the SDPPI certificate
On the cellphone box, near the IMEI number there should also be the Kominfo Post and Information Technology Resources and Equipment (SDPPI) certificate number. Lucky asks consumers not to forget to check the small inscription of the number 'SDPPI'.

We just need to check whether there is SDPPI or not? On the outside sticker is a QR code that can be scanned into the DG Postel website. There are manufacturers and for what types can be checked, said Lucky.

4. Indonesian manual
Legal cell phones for sale in Indonesia must have an Indonesian manual in the box. So don't forget to check it.

5. Try to buy at the official store
Check the official store list on the website, said Lucky. Just go to the location closest to you.

He said, try to buy there. But if you can't, there are many general stores that sell legal goods. Just check the previous 4 points.

6. Must be suspicious at a cheap price
Want style but at a low price? Yes, just think more clearly, said Lucky.

According to him, people are often tempted by price. Especially for well-known brands that increase our prestige. But don't forget to think with common sense, first survey the market price in e-commerce.

Maybe it's not sold at that price. If it's really cheap, it could be either cheated or reconditioned, he said.

At the end of the PS Store case, Lucky gave advice for consumers to ponder. Our ideal smartphone is often purchased from the money saved and used as long as possible. Yes, the money was spent to buy illegal cellphones which would later become a problem, including after sales service.

By buying legal ones, besides fulfilling our obligations to the state through taxes, it is also more secure. The smartphones we buy are of high quality because they have passed a series of tests and it is confirmed that the parts are genuine, he concluded.