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5 Happy Ways to Save Money

Everyone must have experienced times when they liked to save and did not like to save. Indeed, sometimes saving can be called a difficult habit. Where, on the one hand, saving provides various forms of profit which are very beneficial to us. But on the other hand, you have to be willing to skip a lot of fun activities because the money that should be used for those activities must be saved.

If you want to feel the benefits of saving, here is a look at showing ways to change your mindset so that you become a person who loves saving. Anything?

1. Determine the Purpose of Saving
If you want to save money to make changes in your lifestyle, you must start setting targets. Many people fail to realize their resolutions because of one thing, which is not having a clear goal. Because they think it's easy, they only think about their wish, but they don't know why they should save money. Remember, saving is easy to say, but it's not that easy to do. To make a big change, you have to set targets starting small.

For example, you want to buy a car, what a big goal right? To make it happen, you have to set small targets. For example, in a period of six months, you have to collect 10% of the funds needed so that within a year you can collect it to pay down payments or down payments. When determining the target you want to achieve, you can determine the reward you want if you succeed in achieving it. The prize is actually just to motivate yourself to save. For example, if you reach your small target in a few months, then some of the money can be used to indulge yourself in a good meal at a rather expensive restaurant or shopping for your favorite item.

2. Always Remember Bills
Many people don't do written financial planning every month but actually manage their finances well. How come? Because from the start they already know the main budget allocation, especially bills! There are several ways you can do this.

First, you have to calculate what percentage of your income is to pay monthly bills such as the cost of renting a house, boarding house or apartment, electricity costs, cellphone credit, taxes, installments, and other shopping necessities. Second, you can do a side job to cover the necessities of your life and set aside some for savings.

3. Don't be wasteful

Spending money on the fun with friends is a very pleasant thing. Going to the movies, eating at expensive restaurants, even going to cafes for coffee every weekend, who wouldn't want to do it? There isn't. However, all of these activities certainly consume a significant monthly budget. So, if you don't want all of your monthly money to run out to do it all. From now on, start reducing costs for your social life.

For example, to replace eating at an expensive restaurant. On the weekends, you can spend time with your closest friends by gathering together while cooking dinner. It's more economical and you can still have fun times with friends. Besides that, the money that you usually use for snacks inexpensive places can be saved in savings, right?

4. Part-time job

Your days are busy enough at the office to generate a monthly salary. Even so, who says we don't have time to do anything else to increase income. For example, if you have a hobby of photography, why not take that hobby to become a freelance photographer every weekend to raise money? Or become a freelance writer for articles on websites. The additional money can be saved so that the amount of savings will increase.

5. Consider Your Budget Allocation
There are so many things that we want to have all the time, but if we pay close attention, are they all useful or not? To answer that, again identify what you need to buy and which are not. For example, if you can watch tv online on the internet, why should you use an expensive cable TV subscription?

Besides that, you can also stop being a member of the gym club and replace it with running activities every morning. By identifying important and unimportant expenses, you will see that there is a lot of nominal money that can actually be saved for savings.

Saving For a Brighter Future

Are you ready to do the methods above and then save money? Don't forget to prepare mentally, because you might be surprised to find out how nice it is to have savings to create a prosperous future.