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5 Best Hand Sanitizer Brands

One part of the body that is very susceptible to bacteria, viruses, and dirt are the hands. This is because the hand is the part that is very often in contact with various kinds of materials in everyday life. If hand hygiene is not maintained, this will certainly cause certain diseases to body health.

Especially before eating, forget to wash your hands so that viruses and bacteria enter the body. Therefore, to be able to prevent this, a cleaning tool is needed that is always present whenever and wherever you need it.

The materials that can be used to clean hands are also known as hand sanitizers. Currently, there are many people around the community regarding hand antiseptic products to choose from. Based on this, here are some hand sanitizer products that are recommended for you.

1. Dettol Hand Sanitizer Pump

This health brand is certainly no stranger to the ears of the public. As a brand that has been trusted by the public, the quality of this product certainly doesn't need to be doubted. In addition, the price offered for this product is also quite affordable with a usage time of up to approximately one month.

2. Klinsen Hand Sanitizer

This product offers a more affordable price and can be used to protect the family from dirty hands. One of the ingredients of this hand sanitizer is chamomile which acts as an important source of minerals in the skin.

Another advantage of this product is that it is useful as a moderate antioxidant and inhibits microbial activity. This can happen because this hand sanitizer is anti-inflammatory and has a fresh aroma so it is very refreshing. In addition, this product is also suitable for use in the family because it is friendly to use for all ages.

3. Ikyusan Organic Hand Sanitizer

It is an imported product from Japan made from organic ingredients so that this hand sanitizer is no less quality than other brands. Organic materials are also of course very safe to use as a disinfectant. In fact, it is not only used for hands, this product can also be applied to tableware to make it more sterile. This is because the organic ingredients that make up this product are organic food grade. Thus, bacteria and viruses that enter the body will be minimized.

In addition, this product can also be used to clean wounds on the skin caused by falls. Based on organic ingredients that are very safe, this product can also be used for babies who are still babies. With this versatile hand sanitizer, your little one will be able to avoid viruses and bacteria that cause disease. However, it should also be noted for the use of this product in babies. Because there is a baby's skin that may be irritated if used long term.

Another advantage of this hand sanitizer is that it is also able to make the skin more moisturised and reduces swelling caused by mosquito bites. The price offered for this product is also quite affordable with a variety of benefits and is packaged in a very practical form.

4. Antiseptic Liquid One Med Gel Hand

This hand sanitizer is commonly used in hospitals which are vulnerable to viruses and bacteria. Based on this, this product can also be used in everyday life because of its effectiveness in eradicating viruses and bacteria.

This product is also very suitable for those of you who don't like the aroma of fruit because this hand sanitizer is a standard liquid for hand disinfectant only. Based on this, this hand sanitizer has an alcohol-based ingredient which is packaged in a gel form.

The alcohol content is the main ingredient that can clean germs on the hands as a result of touching various dirty materials. For hospitals as consumers, this product is sold in large packages according to their needs. However, for the community, this product is packaged in a smaller and more practical size.

5. Carex Hand Gel

The last recommended hand sanitizer product is hand gel, which is quite affordable. This hand sanitizer is also a product commonly used in hospitals. One of the ingredients of this product is anti-bacterial which can kill germs and bacteria up to 99.9%. Other ingredients in it are moisturizer and vitamin E which are good for the skin.

This hand sanitizer is also comfortable to use because it is not sticky on the skin. Unlike the previous product, this hand sanitizer has a certain mixture so that it can provide aromas such as apple, lavender, green tea, and so on. Usually, this product is packaged in a cute container with a unique shape that is more attractive in terms of appearance.

Those are some hand sanitizer products that can be selected according to your needs and budget. Through some of the products above, hand hygiene can be maintained at all times from viruses and bad bacteria for the body.