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4 Ways to Protect Android Phones from Hacker Attacks

Android phones are the favorite of many. No wonder cyber criminals or hackers diligently target these devices for various purposes, from stealing important data, breaking into credit cards or spying activities.

Well, to protect your Android phone from hacker attacks, Jake Moore as Security Specialist at Eset shares 4 simple tips. Here's the list, quoted from Mirror:

1. Update diligently
First, make sure the smartphone is updated with the latest operating system updates. First, make sure your cellphone is up to date with the latest operating system firmware updates that will keep your cellphone protected from the latest threats.

So don't be lazy, just update if your Android phone provides the latest software updates. Usually updates will be notified automatically. But there is nothing wrong with checking the settings every now and then to see if there are any new updates.

2. Download the Password Manager
Downloading the Password Manager application will really help control the passwords that we use in many services. The password manager can suggest strong passwords and monitor whether you are using the same password on other websites. In addition, it can also monitor all the gadgets we use and the browser.

Download Password Manager to safeguard all your passwords and then turn on two-factor authentication on all accounts that offer it, which should be present in most applications and will keep it safe from hackers even when the password is obtained.

3. Download the Anti Virus Application
Today, many well-known anti-virus vendors create mobile applications to secure Android phones . Just choose from a company that has a high reputation for protecting your smartphone, for example Norton, Bitdefender or Kaspersky.

There is nothing wrong with reading which anti-virus reviews are the most effective. It is important to download an antivirus application to make your cellphone safe from viruses and also from malware.

4. Create a Strong Password
Creating a strong password in any application or service is absolutely necessary. Do not go easy on choosing a password that is easy to remember or has a lot to do with ourselves. Hackers will easily guess.

Don't forget to have a good password on your Android phone that doesn't include anything related to you, for example birthdays or certain celebrations.